Social Networking Media is the new trend of digital marketing?

Nowadays, we have seen that social networking platforms impact everyone in the society. Facebook, Twitters, and Weibo (Chinese) are some giant social networking platforms in the internet. Because there are tons and tons of users surfing on these platforms every day, companies believe they are good medias for online marketing, which we can frequently see lots and lots of advertisements on these platforms.

So I am thinking whether it is possible to make a direct shopping platform on these medias, say Facebook. On facebook, there’re tons of stores have already set up their own pages(or advertisements) and posted up pictures of their products. If customers are interested in the products, they can click to the link provided under the picture, go to the store’s website, and purchase the good. However, this is quite annoying since customers need to go through so many steps to purchase what they wanted. Now what if I can make my store’s facebook page functions like Amazon’s or EBay’s and customers can purchase goods directly. Moreover, users are welcomed to comment and share reviews on their purchased products.  Eventually my products can be promoted through my social circle, customers’ social circles, and get to majority of facebook users through networking effect.

Undoubtedly, the cost associated of this approach would be quite substantial: cost paid to facebook of setting up such shopping platform and the cost of privacy(threat of hackers). However, I believe the potential benefits would outweigh the cost and this will be a new trend for digital marketing in the future. Thoughts?


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